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A Guide to Cyber Bullying



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With the increasing ease and power of the internet, individuals are sharing ideas and views easier and more often than ever before. At the same time they can appear anonymous and instant, and this leaves the door open to a new type of bullying known as Cyber bullying.


This is where technology is being used to annoy, harass, and intimate an individual repeatedly. Cyberbullying can take the form of the following;

–       Personal intimidation, where by threats can be made via text messaging, social media or blogging sites.

–       Impersonation, whereby a person sets up a fake profile on a social networking site or gaining access to an individuals personal profile page.

–       Exclusion from an online group or community.

–       Personal humiliation, which may involve the sharing or posting of images or videos intended to belittle or harass an individual

–       False reporting, which involves making false reports to a service provider resulting in the blocking of a users account


Cyberbullying often occurs unbeknown to others including parents and teachers. While it often does not take on physical violence, it can be quite damaging to the victim. Many individuals do not feel the same responsibility when they are anonymous. As technology becomes more widespread, it is often difficult for an individual to escape from to bullying.


The article provides a succinct and elaborate analysis of what Cyber bullying is and its effects on young people. Technology is becoming increasingly widespread and available to larger numbers of individuals. With the changing world, increasing numbers of young people are relying on online social networking and text messaging as the main sources of communication with friends and the outside world. As these are constantly accessible at all times in most cases an instant. It is becoming harder for victims to escape harassment. This is why articles such as these are important to promote awareness on the types of activities deemed to be bullying and the effects they can have on individuals.




Office for Internet Safety, (2008). A Guide to Cyberbullying. Retrieved from media/pdf/Get_with_it_Cyberbullying_Booklet. pdf





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